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Investment opportunity - plot on Highway Thrakia
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Suitable for roadside commercial complex - Petrol Station, Truck Parking and Warehouses


  • The plot is situated on the main transport road in Bulgaria – Highway “Thrakia”, at around 2 km from the petrol station Shell – Pazardzhik, direction Sofia (exact address: s. Gelemenovo, municipality Pazardzhik, Highway Thrakia, km 87 + 530 left).
  • The plot is adjacent and on one level with the highway. It also adjoins with a farm road, which passes underneath the highway.
  • The plot is situated close to communications, as well as at around 500 m from a main gas pipe.
  • It is located at around 3 km from a road junction.

The plot has total size of 14 892 m2. It is composed of three different plots, each sized respectively 5765, 3318 и 5809 m2.


The plot is in the final phase of being regulated (receiving “plot in regulation” statute).

The plot has been granted a permission to build a highway exit, issued from “National fund Regional Road Network” and has been agreed by the “General plan Road connections”.

Investment project

  • The plot is perfectly suitable for a petrol station and servicing buildings. It is distanced at around 2 km from Shell – Pazardzhik, direction Sofia.
  • After this plot there is only one petrol station till Sofia (Owner of it is “Petrol” and it is close to Ihtiman)
  • The road part between Pazardzhik and Sofia is a region with exceptionally heavy auto traffic.
  • A strategic advantage of the plot is also its location between the two biggest cities in Bulgaria – Sofia and Plovdiv.
  • Average daily traffic load lies at around 30 000 cars and trucks regarding to the estimations of the Bulgarian Road Agency. After completion of the highway an increase of the traffic is expected.
  • Highway “Thrakia” is the main transportation corridor in the country, as well as a major international road. The highway serves a great part of the traffic from Turkey to Western Europe. The highway also takes the main part from the tourist traffic to the Black sea.
  • After performed analysis of the potential sales of the petrol station were estimated minimum 11 000 liters of petrol in a twenty-four-hour period. Expectations are for constantly increasing traffic, hence also income from sales.
  • The plot has been granted a permission to build an exit from the highway. Such permission for constructing an exit on “Thrakia” has been granted to only a very limited number of projects.

After the investment plan the plot can be divided in three parts as follows:

1. Petrol station: 5765 м2

2. Truck parking: 3318 м2

3. Warehouse: 5809 м2

The proposed division can be changed due to the investor’s preferences.

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