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Asking price: Not disclosed
Location: North Bulgaria

The Bio Diesel installation was entered into exploitation on March 2006. It is completely automated and is in excellent condition. Currently the installation is not producing, but is fully maintained and can become operational immediately. It is offered with all pertaining land, equipment, licenses, certificates and trained staff.

Its capacity is around 20 000 tons per year. No additional investments are needed in machines, equipment or infrastructure. It can be up-graded for expanding the capacity with 30 000 and respectively 60 000 tons per year.

  • Bulgaria joined the EU on 1 January 2007 and soon the country will be obliged to conform to all EU requirements regarding renewable energy sources. According the European directives, until 2010 all members must secure a minimum of 5.75 % of bio diesel mixed into traditional diesel.
  • The installation can start regular production immediately, since it has been maintained by permanent and highly-qualified staff
  • It is technologically up-to-date and fully automated
  • All required licenses and certification are available
  • The market price of the assets, together with the time required for issuing all necessary documentation to secure similar type of production, justify the asking price
  • It has no liabilities

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