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Asking price: Eur 1.5 mln
Location: West Bulgaria

Strategic Acquisition Opportunity


The factory is strategically located outside of Sofia and is the local market leader in the production of hunting and sports bullets. It is equipped with all required licenses for storage and trade with gun powder, fire arems, ammunitions and pyrotechnical products, as well as a licence for the production of various types of bullets and cartriges. The factory is specialised in the production of amunitions for hunting rifles bullets, pistols sports bullets, hunting carabines bullets, blank cartriges and stop cartriges.

Strategic Advantages
  • The factory is operative and profitable with excellent market share. The capacity of the factory at one shift-cycle is a monthly production of 1 000 000 hunting bullets, 200 000 pistol and 200 000 carabine bullets
  • Leading Italian and US technology production lices are used for the production of ammunitions, as well as a test firing ground is available
  • The investor will acquire a well established and developed business with a vast and loyal client base
  • There is no direct competitor in the local market and the license regime is an obstacle for penetration of new players
  • Very good long-term relationships with the Bulgarian Fishing & Hunting Association and the shooting grounds in the country

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