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Medical Center
Asking price: EUR 1.7 mln
Location: North-East Bulgaria

Investment Opportunity


The Medical Center was established in 2001 in one of the big cities in the country. It is located strategically in the center of the city, which ensures easy access and convenience for the patients. The Medical Center offers diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and surveillance of patients, consultative and prophylactics activities and appraisals. The services provided by the Medical Center are complemented by the Licensed Labor Medicine Bureau, which services various companies and enterprises in the municipality and the region in compliance with the Law for Healthy and Safe Labor Conditions. The Medical Center is equipped with a clinical laboratory, parasitological ward, immunohematology and vision diagnostics.

Strategic Advantages

  • A wide range of basic medical services and specialties are offered with the possibility for additional diagnostics and consultative, treatment and therapeutic services
  • Modern technological equipment which is regularly updated
  • Newly equipped additional building space with the aim of expanding the array of activities offered
  • Integrated system which allows adequate control of the medical, statistical and financial information as well timely and correct data processing
  • Efficient procedures of patients’ examinations and medical analyses, according to normative regulations
  • High standards in the medical center: flawless hygiene, disinfection of the premises and sterilization of all tools and instruments
FY 2010 Revenue:
€427 000
EBITDA Margin 2010:

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